Over 50 years of industry-certified personnel in wireless & Engineering Design.

Our Services

Guerrilla Communications provides engineering design, installation & Project Management to any wireless industry with a high emphasis on In building Wireless services, along with Commissioning, Optimization, Integration & Maintenance

Program/Project Management
System Design
Installation Management
Equipment, CAT-5, Fiber, COAX, etc.
Monitoring & Maintenance
SOW/RFP generation
Selection, implementation oversite

Field Construction Management

Guerrilla Construction Communication is unrivaled in project management efficiency and professionalism. Our project managers’ field installation supervision ensures that each DAS, systems is delivered to meet, and often surpass, our clients design, installation, aesthetic and safety specifications.

Guerrilla Construction Communication utilizes our in-house installation technicians and proven, cable installation trusted partners to ensure scalability and maintain a national scope. Each installation is closely managed by one of Guerrilla Construction Communication highly experienced field construction managers.

Guerrilla Construction Communication technicians’ documents, all critical DAS, Small Cell and low Voltage technology information. Frequent data points for installation documentation include repeater attenuation settings, BTS output power measurements, cable-labeling schema, coaxial-cable sweep measurements, fiber optic cable OTDR results, and fiber component output power levels. Our installation documentation package can be tailored to meet any clients’ precise requirements.

We offer turnkey solution, Guerrilla Communications will manage either in-building Structured Cabling, (DAS), Small Cell (C-RAN), Data/Voice, Fire-Safety or CCTV projects to allow the clients to continue business without interruption.

· Telecom Infrastructure Development
· Network integration & Site maintenance
· DAS/IBS/Small Cell/IoT/Microwave/UER/Fiber
· Wireless Power
· Low Voltage installations
· Underground & Aerial Civil work

System Acceptance Testing and Verification

Guerrilla Construction Communication engineering team will measure, and record newly enhanced, in-building RF coverage levels provided by the macro-cellular network to verify that all in-building system design requirements have been met. Guerrilla Construction Communication engineers record and test channel, signal strength and signal quality readings from mobile handset(s) at pre-determined intervals.
 Complete Engineering and Installation Services.